Impact Of Online Business Activity

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Principle Objectives Assessed:
1. Understand different online business activities
2. Understand the issues relating to doing business online
3. Be able to create web pages or a website for a stated business need
4. Know the impact of an online business presence.

Date Set: January 2013 Date Due: March 2013

According to comScore, an online market research company, in May 2009 there were nearly 37 million Internet users in the UK. Each person goes online 21 days each month – contacting friends, catching up on TV programmes, downloading music, comparing prices, paying bills, planning holidays, researching their family tree, checking out health issues and, of course, buying products. According to the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG), in 2008 online retail sales in the UK were worth £43.8 billion, an increase of 25 per cent on 2007.

It is little surprise, therefore, that most businesses today think that an online retail presence is essential. Whether the aim is to provide information, to promote the business, or to set up an online store, there are several aspects to consider, from operational issues to site security, and many potential benefits to be gained. If the business goes ahead, then planning how the website should be designed to best meet the needs of the business and achieve its objectives is the next logical step in the process.

In this unit you will learn about different online business activities and find out about the issues and benefits related to having an online presence. You will create web pages or design a small website yourself, and identify which features appeal to certain customers and which do not. You will find out about the benefits of marketing and promoting a business online and how this is done, and also have the opportunity to think about the overall effect on consumers and society as a whole as Internet use continues to grow.

1. 0 Task One P1 P2 M1

Your friends Matt and Sarah both work in a family removal business called Moving Times. This has been a family business since it was founded 80 years ago. Last year, Matt and Sarah took it over from their father and are keen to modernise it. As part of this they are both trying to learn more about online businesses and have asked for your help. Matt is particularly interested in how websites link to the purpose of a business and the type of features found on websites. Carry out the following activities and produce a report for Matt and Sarah that answers their questions.

1. Choose three different business organisations from different sectors that operate online. Describe the purpose of each business and the aims and objectives of its website. P1
2. Explain how each of your chosen businesses operates their activities online. Use the construction features which are summarised in the handout issued. Then explain how these contribute towards achieving the aims and objectives you described in Question 1. P2
3. Identify and compare the construction features on the websites of your chosen business organisations by identifying those elements that are the same and how effective they are for each organisation. In your report, comment on how each business has used these features on its website to guide and engage the user. M1

2. 0 Task two P3 P4 M2 D2 D1

Matt and Sarah at Moving Times were pleased with the report you prepared for them and Matt is very keen on having a website to attract business. Sarah, though, is worried about the cost, keeping it up to date and other issues. They have asked you for advice.

1. Send an email to Matt and Sarah in which you explain the type of issues a business needs to consider to go online under the headings: planning, implementation, financial, staffing and distribution. Also refer to the role of functional areas in supporting the operation of the website and say how the staff who specialise in IT, marketing, finance and customer service at Moving Times can contribute