The Responsibility For Roles In William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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If the quote “Amber Wright, Seth’s former girlfriend, lured him to his death” was on the news tonight, viewers could easily understand who was responsible for this specific murder. She manipulated two boys to meet up with her boyfriend only to brutally murder him. It is known that people have free will and power to carry out any action they desire, just as Amber did. However, the responsibility for actions can sometimes be placed more on one person. In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the concept of responsibility is also clearly evident as seen through Lady Macbeths greater engagement in King Duncan’s death, Macbeths liability for Banquo’s death, and how his wife, and more so his own ambition eventually lead them to their own deaths. Amber, Lady Macbeth, and Macbeth all felt the need to kill for their own selfish reasons. The initial strive for power in Macbeth causes both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to commit actions, leaving them with differentiating responsibilities for the murder

Macbeths ambitions and strive for power is what eventually leads him to his own death. When Macbeth receives prophecies from the three witches informing he will be king, he feels the need to kill off anything that may be in his way. He sees people as obstacles in the way of his final destination- the throne. The witches inform him no one can harm him. When his servants warn him of the blood bath that is about to occur with Malcom and Macuff, he simple responds:

“Fear not Macbeth: no man that’s born of woman shall ever have the power upon thee.” Then fly, falso Thanes, and mingle with the English Epicures! The mind I sway by, and the heart I bear, shall never sag and doubt nor shake with fear (V.iii.5-10).

The witches messages to Macbeth have set him up for