Macbeth: Macbeth and Protagonist Macbeth Essay

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In the play, “Macbeth”, by William Shakespeare, the protagonist Macbeth faces several external forces, which tempted him to murder King Duncan and assume (undertake?) the Scottish throne. One of The most influential forces are the three witches who played a major role in Macbeth’s deadly crimes. Lady Macbeth, Macbeth’s dear wife, also persuaded her husband to kill Duncan in desire of becoming the Queen. Finally, the apparitions greatly induced the main (leading?)charter (character?) (instead of main character you can say protagonist) to achieve his goal (ambition?) of becoming the King of Scotland. In this tragic play, Shakespeare shows how mankind gives into superficial and supernatural influences that lead to ones downfall. Macbeth was brainwashed by spiritual forces to indulge in illegal activities. The three witches plant the seed of evil within his conscience that grew to control his actions. The three sisters were successful in doing so by composing three important prophecies for Macbeth. Firstly, Macbeth would become the Thane of Cawdor. Secondly, he will become the Thane of Gleams. Finally, he would one day replace King Duncan as the royalty of Scotland. Macbeth was easily influenced by the witches who told him that he is invulnerable and indestructible (The witches who told him that he is invulnerable and indestructible easily influenced Macbeth???.). This gave him numerous false hopes of ruling Scotland. The three mysterious sisters enforced Macbeth to commit illicit crimes by making strange predictions about his fortune which strongly supports the fact that relying upon preternatural creatures could be directed towards ones destruction.
Driven by the lust to become the Queen of Scotland, Lady Macbeth constantly mocks Macbeth and questions him about his manliness. She manipulates Macbeth into assassinating King Duncan by using her cunning and tricky choice of words. To gain more superiority, Lady Macbeth plans the King’s death and influences Macbeth to follow along with her plan. Initially, Macbeth hesitates over the thought of murdering King Duncan for his ambitions, but Lady Macbeth becomes successful in persuading him to do so by questioning his masculinity. This causes Macbeth to commit horrifying deeds such as sacrificing Duncan’s life. She believed that power would bring happiness and joy along with it to their lives and that her husband would receive even more respect in the society. Lady Macbeth urged her husband, Macbeth, to execute King Duncan in eagerness to have more authorities than she already had, which directly refers to the argument that believing in false hopes could cause countless miseries in life.
Delusions influenced Macbeth into believing that he was invincible and impossible to defeat