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Children are calls to action, little agents of change. They hold you accountable and inspire you to put your all into everything not only for you but also for them. Their eyes are always watching. Their ears are always listening and their mouths are always repeating, thus, in a sense, they are little teachers. In this speech I will tell you three of the many lessons I have learned from my son’s first learn from your mistakes, second take the time exploring and finally never give up no matter how hard the challenge.
I. Life Lesson One A. Learn from your mistakes
Everything in life is a learning experience for children and it’s been interesting to see my sons making mistakes and then seeing how they learn from them. They don’t get down on themselves about the mistakes. The way we do as adult which has taught me that mistakes are ok to make as long as we learn from them.
II. Life Lesson Two A. Go exploring
It’s all about the journey, not the destination, when you have children. A short walk can take double the time, because they prefers to stop and check out everything when they are little. This is a good reminder to slow down and take the time to notice and enjoy the things around us.

III. Life lesson Three A. Never give up
Determination should be my son’s middle names. When they decide to do something they do it, and it doesn’t matter how many bumps and bruises are involved. They never give up and push through it to achieve their goals, whether the goals maybe