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Title: Turn Your Organization into a "Talent Magnet"
Article Source: American Management Association
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Article Summarization: A “talent magnet” is not much if employers do not back up their talented employees with more than just money. The company offers competitive pay and good benefits to gain and attempt to keep employees, but is not enough for the employees is doing very poorly in reducing turnover. Successful companies have employees who pride themselves in their work, like to have a game plan if you will, lay out and “embody a mission and a vision.” “When an organization embodies excellence, it creates a self-reinforcing, winning success cycle—a great company that attracts the kind of people who make it possible for the company to remain great.” (AMA, 2006) To retain employees, the organization must “embody a mission and a vision that captures the hearts and souls of their work force, continuously communicate their mission and vision to their people, communicate the important role each employee has in making the vision a reality and give employees the tools and freedom to make a difference in the company.” (AMA, 2006) In short, it states to give them opportunities to learn and grow and give respect to employees. Some organization fail to “walk the talk” due to time pressure, lack of awareness, arrogance and do “quick fix-it is” instead of taking care of what needs attention.
Your Article Analysis: A learning organization is “an organization is which managers try to maximize the ability of individuals and groups to think and behave creatively and this maximize the potential for organizational learning to take place.” (Jones, George, p. 162)
Your Opinion: A valuable employee can gain employment where ever they look. When an employee prides themselves in