Essay about Management and Water

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My goal for 8 weeks was to drink accleast 8 bottles of water a day. The first couple of weeks were kind of hard because of timing which meant that that in some instances I had to drink 3 bottles of water an hour because of my daily schedule. To begin with 8 bottles of water was at first in my opinion hard to do because I wasn’t used to it so I started off drinking 4 bottles of water a day then I gradually moved up. This goal was important to me because of a couple reasons. One of my reasons is that I am an athlete and being an athlete you get dehydrated a lot and Gatorade in my opinion tires you out and water is that energy you need when you’re tired. Another reason is that it cleans your system out especially when you eat the types of foods that I eat. When I eat something greasy I just drink about 2 bottles of water and it comes right out. Water also clears your skin. I tracked my progress by my phones notepad. Each time I drank a bottle of water I recorded it and recorded the time I drank it.

When I achieved my goal I felt not just confident in myself, but i also felt that I learned more about how to organize myself. It was not such a hard job to do. But to keep track of it was kind of challenging because I would forget to record it time from time and have to go back and try to remember the times I drank the water and how many bottles I drank. My phone played a great role in my accomplishment because, without it I would have used paper and I know that it would have been a failure because keeping up with the paper and having it on me all the time would have been a little inconvenient. But my phone on the other hand is all ways on me so it made it easier. My teammate in which I live with kept me drinking when I was in practice as well as when we were home. She continued to remind me to record any bottles of water I drank. She also helped me with keeping water bottles in the freezer and refrigerator so that I wouldn’t have any reason not to drink a whole bottle. Although she was a great help