Management Structures Essay

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Management Structures
Gilbert Rodriguez
Human Service Administration
May 30, 2015
Professor Tanya Popoloski

Environmental Factors It would be ethical to research all avenues in the process of expanding services and hiring new employees. In the process of providing structure the most important question to ask is how the work will be divided and subdivided. There are multiple avenues in the expansion of organizations, which new positions are created to gain new individuals to fill these spots. A formal organizational chart has been adapted by many organizations in the action to divide the work of the agency, which is departmentalization. Departmentalization is common used technique to map out structure in expansions of an organization to determine what areas new employees can fill in on the chart. Another option of expansion design is in a different form of an organizational chart for organizations that have multiple departments and a senior management team under the organizations leader, the matrix organization. This matrix is a technique to map out structure for expansion within the departments needed. Project teams are commonly apart of larger organizations that have mass amounts of work, or projects, to do for the organization. This is commonly seen within the corporate world where business is significantly larger than small non-profit organizations. These big organizations need multiple individuals to aide in creating an organized and complete project.