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Case-based Strategic Analysis Report
Due Tuesday, Nov. 04, 2014 (Start of class)

This handout outlines the case-related assignments for this course. Several cases options will be included in an eBook. You will be responsible for one case analysis during the course. Case analysis is an important way for you to practice your critical thinking skills. Strategic analysis is a realistic and typical task for strategic managers.

The analysis gives you an opportunity to demonstrate:
(1) your ability to apply concepts from class and the text to a specific situation,
(2) your analytical skills,
(3) your academic research skills,
(4) your ability to draw substantive conclusions from your analyses,
(5) your ability to recommend strong, specific, actions for the managers in the case,
(6) your ability to practice interactive oral communication.

The case itself is merely a starting point for the report, so that you can gain a basic understanding of the organization. You will need to perform a considerable amount of research using academic sources in order to successfully complete the report A group of 2 or 4 students may work together to develop the report. Alternatively, you have the option, but are not required, to form a group for this report which consists of the members of your BSG team.

All case assignments are independent assignments. Therefore, you may neither give nor receive assistance from other current or previous students of MGMT 4700 or any other source, outside your group on the case assignments. Evidence of collaboration, plagiarism, or suspicion that you have not presented independent work will be grounds for immediate review for dishonorable or unethical conduct, as detailed in the Georgia Gwinnett College School of Business Catalog and may result in an immediate “F” in the class.

Case options Fall 2014
There are four cases from which to choose. You have the opportunity to select the case which aligns most closely with your interests:
□ McDonald’s
□ Louis Vuitton
□ Samsung
□ Campbell Soup

Written Analysis Format
Your format should follow the outline below, which is also listed as Table 2 (page v) of the “Detailed Case Report Structure” document posted in D2L. Utilize the suggestions listed in Chapter 13 “Analyzing Strategic Management cases” and the “Detailed Case Report Structure” document in D2L in your case analysis efforts. They both provide an excellent source of information of best practices in conducting an insightful case analysis.

Use the requirements below to ensure your report meets minimum qualifications for a passing grade. Please note that the minimum length stated for each section is necessary, but not sufficient for a satisfactory grade. High quality, not just quantity is needed for a satisfactory grade.

Format: specific requirements for written case format:
1. Title page: Case name, your name, date.
2. Due: In class, on due date (see syllabus). NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. Spacing: Double spaced.
4. Font: 12 pt., times roman preferred.
5. Margins: 1" margins on all sides.
6. Structure: Follow the outline below, clearly labeling each section.
7. Citations: Use APA style citations. A minimum of 15 high-quality academic references required. These will primary be used in section II. I. Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose - Should be at least two pages double spaced.

II. Situation Analysis - 10/10/14
A. General Environment (Six Trends analysis) – Provide at least one page double spaced for information relating to each trend (six pages total). Focus on six trends: technological, demographic, economic, political/legal, sociocultural, and global. This involves gathering information outside of the case itself. Do not mention the company when reviewing 6 trends in the external environment. Wait until the opportunities and threats section (section III) to discuss possible appropriate company actions in