Management Theories of Mcdonald's Essay

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Management Theories Implemented by McDonald’s McDonald’s demonstrates many different aspects of classical management, including aspects of Frederick Taylor’s scientific management and Henri Fayol’s management principles. McDonald’s also displays how their management styles compares to their competition and how it has led to an effective organization. Taylor’s management style is evident through McDonald’s training, specific systems, and education; while Fayol’s management style manifests through McDonald’s division of labor and authority. McDonald’s and other fast food industry restaurant’s validate their effective use of management theory through their exemplary company standings throughout the world. Frederick Winslow Taylor, known …show more content…
Fayol believes his form of classical management principles demonstrates the most effective use of management. Two aspects of Fayol’s theory that McDonald’s uses today include division of labor and the use of authority. In respect to division of labor, Fayol believes that each employee should know exactly what their job entails and every item being created should have its own, particular area. At McDonald’s, the complete operation is divided into a number of set tasks, including cooking operations and operations of the deep fryer, where each food item has its own machine. Then, each person is assigned to carry out a given task where it is “laid out for maximum efficiency and minimum movement of the employees” (BIzcovering, 2008). Fayol also believes in authority and having a unity of command. McDonald’s establishes its authority through its managers. When entering McDonald’s, the employee begins as a floor crew member, then advance to trainee floor, then second assistant, and so on, until reaching Restaurant manager. Furthermore, in order to create a unity of command, McDonald’s uses a system where each employee reports to one particular manager. That particular manager then reports to the branch manager. McDonald’s demonstrates Fayol’s management principles through its use of division of labor and authority. In the fast food