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Mustajab Khawer
Eco 1302
Professor Charles Clark
Manager Interview The business that was of interest to me is a restaurant by the name of Choopan. To provide a brief synopsis of the business, it serves Middle Eastern cuisine, particularly Afghan food. It is by such surprise to me that these restaurants exist because I am an enthusiast for trying new food and this was by far one of the best experiences I ever had. Because of the exemplary food and customer service, I was delighted to ask one of the managers some questions on the aspects of running this business, and how their level of success is measured. It is imperative to analyze the market structure of this business as I will continue to elaborate on these specific aspects for the overall inquiry of understanding the logistics of operations. Choopan is known for its taste and its quality that it provides to its customers, it uses these facets to provide mouth-watering food for its consumers. Providing Middle Eastern food to the community people from different backgrounds such as Pakistani, Indians, Iranians and others. The restaurant makes them feel comfortable of the atmosphere and the décor they have done so customers do not forget the experience and feel like its home for them. Looking at their supply issues one of them will be the different prices of the products that they offer because the price is not stable depending on the demand. Other will be the economic environment because controlling costs is key area in which foodservice supply professions can make a big difference. For example, One-third of sales in atypical restaurant go toward food purchases, so managing those costs can have a strong impact on a company bottom line. The other supply issue will be packaging and sustainability so in addition, some localities are beginning to restrict the use of certain packing products, and to find alternative solution that can bridge mandates and what’s best in the food system. Managing inventory is also an issue because in high frequency of menu changing, they have to adapt to those changes without negatively affecting g the quality of meals. The last will be the leadership skills by improving the customer experience by achieving the ultimate goal by making improvements within the company as leaders. In Order to determine demand Ali, the manager, said supply doesn't mean anything on its own. You need to consider it in light of demand. In the restaurant industry, demand is driven by restaurant patrons, who provide sales. There's only an oversupply of restaurants if the number exceeds customer demand. For instance, in a small town where few people spend money eating out, a dozen restaurants may exceed the local demand. But in a large urban center where many people spend a lot of money to eat out regularly, hundreds of restaurants may not be enough to keep up with demand. Defining the market as a restaurant owner you obviously want to seek out markets where there is more demand than supply. When demand is high and there are few restaurants to fill it, you can expect more potential customers. Conversely, if there is an oversupply of restaurants you can expect fewer customers. Just be aware that market conditions can change quickly and restaurant owners must be able to adapt. For instance, if there is an oversupply of fine dining restaurants in a city and an excessive demand for casual restaurants, then the owner of a fine dining restaurant can benefit from re-launching as a casual establishment.
Looking at the competition Choopan competes primarily in the Middle Eastern Cuisines located in Hicksville, Long Island. This industry is one of the most contended ones with many rivals all over this area to replicate each other’s products .The scope of the business is local and operates only one branch in Long Island. Because of the diversification of the broad range of food within this concentrated area, it leaves them with both advantages and disadvantages. The