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Managing Operation at Adobe System

Executive Summary
In the report, Adobe System has chosen as a case study. The theories of operation management and supply chain management will be applied with the case study. The purpose of the report is trying to analyse operation management utilised in Adobe System from operation performance aspects. The analysis uses five relevant competitive issues (quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost) and supply chain management to find out the how to transfer resources (inputs) into customers (outputs).


Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1.1 Introduction of report 1
1.2 Introduction of Adobe System 1
Chapter 2 Literature Review 2
2.1 Operation Management 2
2.2 Operations Performance 2
2.2.1 Quality 3
2.2.2 Speed 3
2.2.3 Dependability 3
2.2.4 Flexibility 4
2.2.5 Cost 4
2.3 Supply Chain Management 4
Chapter 3 Case Study Analysis 6
3.1 Operations performance of Adobe System 6
3.1.1 Quality 6
3.1.2 Speed 6
3.1.3 Dependability 7
3.1.4 Cost 7
3.2 Supply Chain Management in Adobe System 8
Chapter 4 Conclusion 9
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Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction of report
The success of a profit-making organisation is not only identified by its financial measurement also it can be reflected on its operation management which is one of the strong determinant (Gallway et al., 2010). In this report, Adobe has chosen as a case study since the organisation has a leading position in the software industry worldwide. The analysis will be based on Adobe System’s official website and products, and use operation management theories to apply in the case study analysis.

The purpose of the report is trying to analyse operation management utilised in Adobe System from operation performance aspects. The objectives are as followed:
Obtaining the information from the official website, and analysing the operation performance has adopted by the organisation.
Combined operation performance and supply chain management theories to evaluate and analyse the organisation.
1.2 Introduction of Adobe System
Adobe System is an American multinational computer software company who is best known for the Portable Document Format (PDF). The organisation focuses on hardware manufacturing, software developing and service providing. The headquarters of the organisation is located in San Jose, California. Adobe operates its business into three business segments: digital media, digital marketing, and printing and publishing. The organisation’s digital segment provides tools, services and solutions that enable individuals, small business and enterprises to create, publish, promote and monetize their content anywhere. The creative products of Adobe are often used by creative professionals to create printed and on-line information in the newspaper, magazines, websites, etc. (Market Line, 2013).

Chapter 2 Literature Review
2.1 Operation Management
According to Gallway et al., (2000), operation management is referred as managing the resources that directly produce services or products of an organisation. Usually, the resources are made up of people, materials, technology and information etc. These resources can form a series of processes, and the result of these processes is the primary service or product of the organisation which they want to delivery to customers. Therefore, operation management is concerned with managing resources (inputs) through transformation processes to delivery outputs (services and products) (Figure 2.1).
Figure 2.1 All operations are input-transformation-output processes. Source: Slack et al., (2010) Operations Management.
2.2 Operations Performance
The operation performance determines how far the organisation produce goods and services in the most effective way and the extent to which those goods and services meet and satisfy the needs of customers (Vencataya, 2008). According to Slack et al., (2010), there are five basic performance objectives and these five objectives can be used in