Mango Street Girl

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In the vignette “Mango Sometimes Says Goodbye,” Esperanza reveals herself to be the storyteller of the novel. As she grows up, she writes her life story. She tells us, the readers, a story about a “girl who did not want to belong” (Cisneros 109) where she was. In previous chapters through the novel, others tell Esperanza that she must continue pursuing her dreams, find her safe haven, and return to for those who cannot leave as easily as she can.
In “Born Bad,” Esperanza’s Aunt Guadalupe tells her to keep writing because it will set her free, (Cisneros 61). In “Elenita, Cards, Palm, Water,” a woman named Elenita gives Esperanza a Tarot reading and she sees “a home in the heart” (Cisneros 64). Esperanza fails to understand what Elenita meant
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By the end of the novel, however, she has come to accept that she does, for the time being, belong on there. No matter what she does or where she goes, Mango Street will forever be a part of her life story. After coming to this realization, Esperanza decides that she will follow the advice given to her by the Three Sisters and others: to leave Mango Street to become stronger, then return for those who cannot leave on their own.
Later, in the last chapter, I believe that Esperanza has finally come to an understanding of what the other women in her life were telling her. She understands that despite the fact that she must stay trapped where she is for the time being, she can set herself free through her writing.
On a personal level, I can relate to Esperanza because I am different from those around me, and have used creative writing as an outlet to express myself. I believe that one of Sandra Cisneros’ take on the issue of Esperanza’s love for writing is that she shows that even when your life proves difficult, by finding a safe place for yourself, you can be set yourself free. Esperanza’s love for writing is what sets her free. Writing is beautiful and flexible. Writing never judges you and contains no rules. That’s why many people, myself, Sandra Cisneros, and her character Esperanza included, love writing