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Maria Andreina Ruiz
“How Will Being an International Student Help Me Make a Difference in the World?” For an international student, coming to a different country, where there are new languages, cultures, people and many different ways of living can be hard, but it also had benefits. I attended middle school and high school in my native country, Venezuela. After a lot of thinking and wishing to go abroad, I finally made it. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without my family’s support. Therefor, I remind myself that I must do my best. Everyone is capable of doing whatever they want, and international students need to be brave enough to study and live their lives in new ways. In Venezuela, I had always been interested in English, international studies and communicating with people. Since I was nearly ten years old, I have always listened to music, watched movies and read in English. I also tried to talk with American people, but why didn’t I prefer to stay in my own country? I’ve asked myself that question several times, but I believe that you must follow your heart because that’s the best way. In addition, making the decision of coming to a new place with plenty of opportunities made me feel excited rather than nostalgic. However, now, after two months of being in the United States, I’ve started to miss my country, family and friends. Yet, I still want to stay here. Therefor, I’ve been looking for something interesting, which I can study, and I found that Mass Communication interests me. First, I would be able to understand much more about general culture, and second. I’d lose my fear of talking in front of people, by expressing my opinions and thoughts through speeches and things like that. Since I came to the United States I’ve experienced a lot of good and bad things as well. I’ve been