Marijuana Legalization Essay examples

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Legalization of Marijuana
Marijuana is the most common drug in America and all over the world. It is legalized in some countries, but most countries prohibit its use. It has proven medical abilities and was used for this purpose for a while before being federally criminalized. The United States has been debating on the legalization of marijuana with some states supporting the move and others against it. ("10 Facts About Marijuana") Despite all these debates, the legalization of marijuana is the better option of the two. Legalizing marijuana will result in medical, economic and social benefits all over America.
Americans are championing for the inclusion of marijuana among other social drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. The public has
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92). Research is still going on concerning more use of marijuana in the medical field. Probably, more medicinal values are likely to be found. Most people find it hard to acquire these drugs for their sick relatives and friends. Therefore, most patients are likely to experience deteriorating health conditions for the lack of drugs. The effects can be devastating and lead to death. However, such cases can be easily avoided through legalization of marijuana. Since it is illegal in most parts, the processing of these drugs is done in hiding and this limits its supplies. Legalizing marijuana will ensure the availability of drugs to treat these ailments and eliminate unnecessary deaths.
Marijuana also has massive economic benefits. Studies have been done to find out the economic effects of marijuana. Several economists, both young and old, have shared their views and researches on the economic significance of marijuana. To show the seriousness of the positive impacts, more than three hundred economists signed a petition encouraging legalization of marijuana in the United States (Edwards and McCray). The government can make a lot of cash from legalizing and then taxing marijuana. Already, marijuana is causing America losses through the prohibition measures such as campaigns. This can be turned around into massive profits that would spur economic growth in different parts of the country. Legalizing marijuana will help America to