Marketing Plan Four Seasons Hotel Essay

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Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Four Seasons Lausanne

1. Executive Summary 3

2. Market and Situation Analysis 4 Market Size 4 Market Growth 5 Market Segments 5 Current Offerings & Competition Analysis 6

3. External Environment Analysis - Macroenvironment 8 Political Factors 8 Economic Factors 8 Social Factors 8 Technology Factors 9 Environment Factors 9 Legal Factors 9

4. Internal Environment Analysis - Microenvironment 11 The Company 11 Suppliers 11 Marketing Intermediaries 12 Competitors 12 Publics 12 Customers 12 SWOT Analysis 13 Five Forces Analysis 14

5. Marketing Strategy 15 Concept 15 Target Segments 16 Offerings and Differentiation 16 Positioning 16

6. Marketing Mix and
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Simultaneously, Lausanne is home to many international tourist attractions not limited to the Olympic Museum, Ouchy Waterfront, and Lake Geneva.
Market Segments

We can break the luxury hotel market into two major segments, which we will focus on for the purposes of this plan: the executive business traveler and the upper class leisure traveler. Each of these respective segments has very different needs that the luxury hotels attempt to focus on and cater to.

Looking at the executive business traveler first we see that they normally come from an international background and they tend to work for large multinational companies. The average age will tend to be around 45 but will be in a range of 25-65 years old with the an executive level in regards to position within their respective company. This group of people is usually under significant time constraints and requires high-end business facilities made readily available during their stay at a hotel.

Moving on to the upper class leisure travelers we see that they as well tend to come from an international background with an average age of 45 upwards as this demographic will most likely be older couples traveling with children or alone. They tend to live a high quality lifestyle and demand the finest