Fight Against Same Sex Marriage

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Movements 2nd para changing what is called protective class
EEOC: equal employment committee….
Gov agency-defined what is considered a protective class= wont turn you down because of age, race, religion…movement to add homo sex to the list
Look up how many states have added them as a protective class…movements of same sex-if can change perception can change laws- Fighting to change your mind-not just to legalize it-trying to shift society to look down on those who don’t support it-going against
To the extreme: shame or punish those who even disagree with the philosophy-not just fighting for legal-fighting for philosophical change-that it is unacceptable to disagree with them
If they want to change the cultural def it is the culture prerogative
“Natural” 3rd para-nature and bio to behavior- I was made that way-don’t care, don’t need to argue - If you found the gene that someone was born with-that says supposed to be murderer, or rape, or aggressive
Not science that matters-not genetic diff-it is a behavior difference
Behavior by hetero and homo-a Christian who is following gods word is not concerned with genetic behave-concerned with whether it is the correct behave-heter and homo looking down on eachother god looks the same on both-same rules apply-only “out” is between man and woman-god does not leave it open to behave sexual behave outside of woman-should not have sex outside marriage
Game of misdirection-trying to make the connection to biology-christian doesn’t know or care about the answer-what matters is that it is a behave act-god has not allowed for hetero sexual behave outside of marriage any more than homo does- Both against god
They say its natural-it doesn’t matter-when have a people of intellect be ruled by a gov of instinct?
Definition4th para and trying to change what the religious institution says about it-bible doesn’t say this god doesn’t say this-attack religious institution of marriage-God and what he says/bible
In Malachi 2:14 the Lord says that he is the witness of the marriage covenant.
Matthew 19 (NIV): Divorce
19 When Jesus had finished saying these things, he left Galilee and went into the region of Judea to the other side of the Jordan. 2 Large crowds followed him, and he healed them there.
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