Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Same-Sex Marriage in Texas As the years go by, many states from the United States of America are legalizing same-sex marriage. Texas is back in the dust by still not allowing same-sex couples the ability to get married. I cannot think of many reasons as to why marriage is not open for every kind of two people who love each other, should be illegal. The representatives of Texas are stubborn with their old fashioned ways; therefore, sadly same-sex marriage will not be legal in any time soon in the State of Texas. The United States of America is set to resemble many things, good or bad, such as: overweight people and fast food, on the other hand we are said to be “The Land of Opportunities” and “Home of the Brave”. We have grown so much from slavery and segregation, yet God forbid two people of the same-sex get married. The problems we face today are nothing compared to the hardships that our ancestors past through, yet they still linger in our presence. Honesty religion is one of the aspects that are setting us back. The United States is filled with many Christians and Catholics. Many Americans use religion as a crutch to just create their opinion and values, but it sometimes gets sticky and contradictory for that individual. For example, feminists tend to do this quite frequently, but it is not their intention. These women want the best and equal opportunity for every woman, until she is a lesbian. Majority of the time it will be due to the fact that they take their beliefs from an old book. One can only imagine how anyone could possibly want equality for everyone, but with an exception of women who like other women. This situation does not seem so equal to me. Like the saying goes in Texas “Everything is bigger in Texas” this even agrees upon the hypocrites in the great state. Texas is full of surprises and Republicans. Being that now the White House is filled with Republicans it is a possible chance that same-sex marriage may or may not occur soon. But the charisma does not stop there; the other day when I was in the grocery store waiting for my parents to finish paying the items, I strolled around until I found a newspaper stand. The front cover of the newspaper contained the first same-sex women couple to be married here in the Rio Grande Valley. What astonished me the most was that they only reason the same-sex couple was getting married in Texas occurred because one the ladies was dying from cancer and only had a few days left to live. It seems as if happiness now contains a price and that it will not come as easy as it used to. In other countries, this would not be a problem; rather it would just be a normal relationship which is valid for the average person and still