Research Paper On The Reformation

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When you hear the word “religion,” something about it makes you happy. Whatever your religion is, there is some sort of afterlife - a perfect place, just waiting for you. For my religion, as a Christian, it makes me smile to know that I am loved so much by my Savior that He would die for me, just to keep me safe so I could go to Heaven. Simply amazing. However, while this is perfection, there is another part of you that gets a little upset at the mention of the word. When people force things upon you and distort what you believe, when everything you know has turned corrupt, maybe it’s time for a change...a reformation...THE Reformation. In the early 16th Century, a German Monk named “Martin Luther” led the political and religious development that changed Christianity forever. He believed that the Roman Catholic Church was corrupt and greedy for the many unbelievable things they did. He believed it was wrong of them to have people pay for their forgiveness, when a man named Jesus already did. He believed it was wrong to have the Bible only available in Latin, limiting the number of people who can read it for themselves. The basic idea behind The Reformation was that the church should be less greedy, and more accessible and fair to more people - not just those who can afford to pay to get into Heaven. This wasn’t Luther’s solitary idea, either. Similar ideas and protests to the Catholic Church had occurred in England, but were pushed aside and overlooked. King Henry