Mcdonald's Marketing Strategy

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McDonald’s is the largest and the most well known and successful fast food chain in the world and especially in India it has become a household name and since 1996 it has come a long way and has created a strong place in the mind of the customers and a strong hold for itself in the market catering to kids to teenager to young adults, families even to senior citizens. The Golden Arches of McDonald’s are slowly becoming an integral part of the Indian landscapes. Everyone knows McDonald’s is big, but very few know just how significant its impact on Indian business really is and the most overlooked fact is that how a foreign brand like Mc Donald’s with its root in America became so popular in India and how it made a place for itself in the mind …show more content…
The research focuses on various promotions done by Mc Donald’s, its effectiveness and how they are perceived by the customers. The research also provides insights about Brand awareness, Brand Recall, Effectiveness of television advertising its reach, Effect of promotional offers, Re call ability and also how the customers perceive the brand and the reasons to choose Mc Donald’s.
For the purpose of research a questionnaire was designed consisting of 14 questions and analysis was made based on the data collected from customers and also on the basis of interaction with company people. The primary data received from customers is collected sorted and converted in statistical form, the out come of which was then analyzed and possible conclusions are
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McDonalds operates in many countries but has the strongest market in USA as it originated there. McDonalds is one of the brand that has adapted itself according to the country it operates in and also has always focused on providing 100% customer satisfaction through Quality, Service, Value and Cleanliness. As the marketing head also quotes

“ We believe in the McDonald's promise of "With a sense of fun and youthful spirit, we will proudly serve an exceptional McDonald's eating experience that makes all people feel special and makes them smile, every customer, every time." Every employee strives towards 100% customer satisfaction.”

McDonalds has created a distinct place in consumers mind through its promotional strategies which focus on striking an emotional chord with the customers both in India and in other countries. In India especially it has focused on Indianisation of the brand through menu adaptation to local tastes, respect for local culture and cultural beliefs and thus developing an all vegetarian- veg and all chicken- non-veg menu. And also through its various promotional efforts like special offers and poster on Diwali and other festivals