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Codie Hewitt
Media, Self & the World
Jeanne Stewart
Media Consumption Media is a huge part of the world today. Media includes social networking, music, billboard advertisements, newspapers, TV, radio, and countless more. It is everywhere you look and listen to. Many of us consume large amounts of media each hour. We take in different sources of media at a time. Most people look to media when they are bored, or just have nothing to do and don’t even realize it. Over the course of five days I have recorded each source of media I have taken in. Whether the media is TV, social networking, or music, it has been recorded on five separate graphs. These graphs facilitated me to see how much media I consume on a daily basis. I was actually shocked to know that I do in fact consume a great deal of media. When I finished recording my consumption of media over the five days I took some time to look at the graphs. I wanted to know how much media I consumed and if it was different than I had thought. I realized some patterns along the way. I found that when I was bored I would check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All of these are huge media sources. I would check these and have the apps running without even paying attention to them. While scrolling down my timeline on Facebook I don’t read every status or post someone writes, but I still take in this entire media shorn of grasping it. Some patterns I realized I have were that I take in more media when I’m at home, relaxing. When I’m lying in bed I check my phone, listen to music, and of course have the TV on at the same time. The times that I don’t take in as much media are on the weekends, when I’m in class, and when I hang out with friends. On the weekends I’m usually busy with friends or running errands and don’t have as much time to look at my phone every 5 minutes. If I do however get on social networks I’m not as focused as I would be at home. I