Essay On Living Without Media

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Out of the assignment for this course, this is the one I knew would be the most difficult to complete. I know that I use media quite heavily to communicate with others, complete assignments like this one, and for entertainment. I also knew that all of my classes contain media consumption and so in planning, I made sure to go without media on the weekend when I had better control over the media that I consumed and when I can successfully steer clear of media for a full twenty-four hours. One major difference that I had to do instead of consuming media was actually walking to my friends apartments and knock on their doors without notice. Thankfully, we are close enough that this was not entirely strange, but I did have a little explaining to …show more content…
In particular I missed the ease of communicating with friends and listening to music through Spotify on my phone or my laptop. I love music and Spotify and use it every single day, so going without it felt a little like a lack of oxygen to me. I also missed taking pictures of random moments throughout the day. One this I didn't catch myself missing too much was watching Netflix or checking social media and this was a little bit of a surprise to me, but a pleasant surprise that I was not as attached to social media and TV as I had thought before. In terms of media deprivation, I was heavily impacted in that I had to decide how I was going to go about communicating with friends and family differently to make plans and see how their day was going. This solution for me was physically walking to friends apartments and knocking on their doors to communicate and I caught myself feeling like I was living in a different time period before phones, let alone smartphones. This media deprivation impacted my social contacts in that it did throw them off just a little wondering why I showed up at their apartments without any notice using