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Media Assignment : Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever is a very good representation of the 1970s, as it was made in 1977 and set at that time. People could really relate to this movie in many ways, they could see themselves with the same stereotypes and Tony, Tony’s friends, Tony’s girl friends, and even older people could relate to the movie, they could see them selves as Tony’s parents, the hardware store owner where Tony works in and just people in society watching everything change. The story was about real people living their live in the time of 1977, and this is why it was a hit when I was released and continues to be a movie that represents the 70s as it was.

Racism has been changing a lot over time, in the 70s the people knew that equality was happening but they didn’t want it to affect there way of life, although racism is still prevalent in the movie with these examples, the constant name calling (nigger, spicks, etc.), when they had a dance off the African American team and the Mexican team didn’t get an applause, and although they were a lot better than Tony and his partner they still lost because the judges were racists. The people of this time were racists but they were subtle racists meaning they weren’t as over the top and rioting they just didn’t want to associate themselves with these people.

People in the 70s were starting to become openly gay, even though people still didn’t like to think that there were gay people in society. You can see this when there were two gay men holding hands walking past the main characters and they were holding their shirts out like they had boobs asking the men who is the girl you fags.

People in the 70s didn’t want to keep on working in the same place their whole lives like people did in the 60s, and example of this in the movie is Tony’s father he had worked in a factory his whole life, people that working with Tony in the hardware store had both been working there for over 10 years.

Drugs in the 70s were becoming a lot more mainstream instead for only being for people, like hippies or upper class citizens. People in the 70s were more freely about doing drugs and example of this in the movie is when one of Tony’s friends offers Tony drugs (speed), and he also gets asked by a girl if she can have some and she hands her some pills

Sex in the 70s was a lot more open, meaning people didn’t care about people having sex in the back of their care ,they didn’t care about sharing girls and example of this in the movie is when one of Tony’s friend is having sex in the back of their car and they come out and watch them have sex, people were very out open about using their bodies for sex objects too.

In the 70s Catholicism was largely followed by many American families, all the main characters in the film wore crosses, if you worked in a church or a group like a church you would be a class above the rest, and example of this in the film would be Tony’s brothers photo being put on a pedestal to look over the family while they ate