Medicine and Specific Work Place Essay

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Sabrina Wardhaugh
Mrs. Austin
English 11
28 May 2013
As a child, you dream if growing up to be a doctor or an actress. The possibilities seem endless as your peers encourage you to follow your heart. Teachers and your parents tell you that you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up. Two careers that have always interested me are nursing and real estate. The nursing field of the healthcare aspect is a great career to get in to. It is currently expected to grow 26 percent from present until 2020 (Occupational Outlook Handbook).As a registered nurse, you are required to provide and organize patient care, educate the public and patients, and provide emotional support to those who need it. A nurse must be very caring in order to meet the needs of others. Some of the duties that nurses typically do daily include recording patients’ medical histories and symptoms, distributing medicines and treatments, observing patients and recording observations, operating medical equipment, performing diagnosis tests and analyzing results, and explaining to patients what to do at home after treatment. As a registered nurse, there is a wide range of locations you can work at. If one chooses to be a nurse at a hospital, you can choose to work in a specific health condition, such as respiratory therapy. You can also focus on a specific part of the body, a specific group of people, or a specific work place. A specific body part may include working with patients who have skin…