A Note On Grandpa

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Every Sunday hearing that same old honk from my Grandpas 1957 dark green Ford pick-up, was like the bat signal for batman to jump into action. Once I heard that honk I would bolt up and confirm through the blinds what I already knew he was here for me. A quick by mom and by dad, gramps is here see you later. That is probably the only situation I was able to leave my house like that by the way. Next was running out the house to that dark green ford pick-up that was just purring in park with just a hint of music coming from it. Jumping in that truck was a blues session all blues music and classic rock every single time, felt alive in that truck and ready to do anything with my grandpa.

Now my Grandpa and I weren’t always close growing up, as a child I was mostly scared of him. He hunted a lot Idaho and always grew out this huge beard and wore cowboy hats, I guess been the age I was he looked like a monster to me so that was his name. My grandpa also was a drinker which often made him moody to do anything, he would tell anybody this by the way. So growing up I don’t recall a lot with him, not until around the age of 11 or 12 is when we started to vibe as he says. He was no longer this monster I thought as a kid, he was shaved, well groomed, and super mellow and even sounded less intimidating. Had a contagious laugh and could make me laugh so easily. It was like meeting a long lost relative that you click with so well, you wish you would have met sooner. He was my Grandpa, but most importantly he was my buddy.

Been in the truck with my gramps was like an adventure I was ready for no matter what it was, even though I knew perfectly well what the agenda was for us. We would start to drive off and he would crank the stereo up for a few minutes, which followed with a lot of head moving back and forth. Than the radio would lower and the talk came, you ready to watch this bad boy or whatever lingo he would use at the time, which referred to a movie we were seen. We were die hard action fans anything Willis, Stallone, Schwarzenegger or Van dam we saw it period. Always got to the movie theatre earlier so we could talk about school, life, tell me a story, or a life lesson was taught. Once it started the only communication were words like “whoa” etc. Once the movie ended would walk out the theatre trying to adjust to the bright light until we got the truck. Once we situated in the truck the discussion happen