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2,496,435 July 28 1896, lowlying(George,P.S)
Heavily urbanized high rises up CL (Fry,2014)
“Miami, As We Know It Today, Is Doomed. It’s not a Question Of If. It’s A Question Of When” (Romm,2013)
“Goodbye, Miami: By century’s end, rising sea levels will turn the nation’s urban fantasyland into an American Atlantis. But long before the city is completely underwater, chaos will begin.” (Romm,2013)
Beaches-5 Islands- 97 Streams-10 Swamps-2 (NGS,2014)
Unique mix ultra-urban meets natural. Canals, waterways, sand dunes. natural nesting habitat- endangered sea turtles, butterflies (City of Miami Beach,2014)
R: 60% faster than projected, rise 6 feet > end century (Karnow,2014)
“You can’t even say the words ‘climate change’ on the House floor without being run out of the building,” (Romm,2013)
Sep 11 1926-great Miami hurricane buildings near ocean destroyed, filled sand. 1.5 metres( Hurricane,2010) EPA regularly tests, meet or exceed certain safety guidelines.
1970 and 2010, 50.9 million, to increase by nearly 15M by 2020. (NRDC,2014) spill millions of gallons sewage into coastal waters (Camps, J,K, 2009)
Currently, the sand on certain parts of Miami Beach isn't even from Miami Beach. Recently spent $2-million to buy sand from the suburbs of West Palm. (Hooperman)
SSS, scraping sand other beaches, pump sand from the sea floor several hundred feet out. (Goodell, 2013) build sea walls, elevate buildings just like Durras Beach
Waste- plastics and solids
Thousands of homes bull-dozed near the beach-public health hazard (Kathie,2014)
Spill- millions of gallons of sewage in coastal waters (Camps.J.K,2009)


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