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In my opinion, accountability is one aspect that will help our culture to become more moral and ethically sound. If a person is held accountable for their actions and they know they will be held accountable if they are caught, then they are less likely to perform the immorality. It is why many of our laws even become laws. They are a form of regulating human behavior. They are there for the good of the greater whole. Corruption begins when those laws are obviously disregarded or those people breaking the law believe they are above the law or won’t get caught. Corporations have Codes of Conduct that should be followed without exception to who the unethical offender is. If any of those Codes of Conduct are broken, then I believe that the persons’ offense and punishment should be known publically. If they didn’t want to be embarrassed and humiliated by their peers, then then shouldn’t have broken the promise they made when they signed the Code of Conduct agreement. If they know that public humiliation is a possibility beforehand, it might make them think twice before they make an unethical decision. Needless to say though, people desire achievement and recognition. Businesses that show value and respect toward their employees by paying them well and rewarding their employee’s efforts will have employees who are more loyal and trustworthy. They will have a higher number of employees who desire to be a part of the solution instead of creating more complications. I also believe…