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Mexican migration into the U.S There are many impacts of Mexican migration into the U.S. There are many positive and negative impacts for the U.S and for all of the Mexicans entering America. There are many political, social, economical, and environmental impacts. Many think it is the entire Mexicans fault for all of these negative impacts but the U.S brings it on themselves.
There are many environmental impacts of migration. The United States is making a border intending to stop Mexicans from crossing into the U.S. It doing many other things that were not intended, like blocking animals that need to migrate to a different place to grow their offspring or find food. The animals from Mexico who need to move to the U.S to reproduce but can’t, will just die and that species might even go instinct. With the border in the middle of everything the animals are forced to stay where they are. Most animals also change shelter because of the season, if they can’t stand the hotness they need to move into a cooler place or vice versa. When the animals have to move locations and there is something blocking the way they are forced to stay where they are and possibly die.
The economic impact can be the most negative and positive impact for the United States. The purpose of migrants is to have a better life for the people they brought to the U.S and also for the people back in their home country. Many work in the U.S to make money and send it back to where they came from. When they send money to their family members in Mexico it helps the Mexican economy grow. Most Mexicans make money and send it back to Mexico but they also spend money here in the U.S. Most Mexicans pay taxes which brings the economy going but since they send money back to Mexico that also keeps the Mexican economy going.
"While every mouth brings a pair of hands, these hands sometimes make more than they eat and sometimes less," a writer in the Financial Times said. His message is that the migrants might bring positive effects for the U.S but they sometimes bring negative effects without intending to. One negative effect is that they use up resources such as health care and education. They apply for Medicaid or any other insurance because they need it in case of an emergency. The law Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1986, states that a hospital may not refuse anyone emergency healthcare treatment no matter their citizenship, legal status or the ability to pay. With this law, the migrants can take advantage and use it. With that the economy will slowly go down since they have to pay for all of the migrants’ medical treatment. Since the migrant parents bring their children or have children in the U.S, they attend American schools. They use up resources other American children could have because sometimes there are not enough spaces in the school for the child who wants to go to that specific school.
Many Mexican migrants don’t have very good social skills. Most Mexican migrants don’t know how to speak English since they never learned it in Mexico or didn’t have any education at all. Since they can’t speak English many Americans treat them badly and say rude or racist comments. Many Mexican migrants don’t get jobs easily because they don’t know English and they wouldn’t be able to understand their boss. To some owners, migrants are useless for