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Ender’s Game

Let me star off by say this is one of my favorite books. Orson Scott Card is the genius author behind this and many other great books. As someone who has read the book and seen the movie, I can honestly say the book is better, and here’s why. Spoiler alert reading the rest of this paper might ruin the movie for you if you haven’t already seen it. First of all Ender’s character alone take a huge downgrade. Secondly Ender’s siblings lose a lot of their depth and influence. Finally the end ending was a complete let down. Ender’s ability for violence is seriously toned down in the movie. It’s never noted that he actually kills the bullies that mess with him. His skill and desire to win anything and overcome any obstacle is understated until the final battle with the alien race. Also, while he has compassion in the book, he is even softer in the movie. It’s like the only reason they did it was so he would be a more likeable character to a weak minded audience.

Ender’s siblings are almost cut out of the movie completely. You just get barebone facts about their personalities. Yeah they show a little bit of how much influence Val has over Ender but that’s it. Regardless, the fascinating secondary storyline following the siblings’ alter egos Demosthenes and Locke is cut entirely from the movie. It really sucks, since they offer a political counterpoint to Ender’s military experience. In the end, the race of "buggers" are able to communicate to Ender via one remaining queen on the planet where he fought the battle. One small life form is waiting to save the race, and Ender sets out to find the race a new home, making a small amends to the destruction he caused. This is less epic