Mind and Philosophical Arguments Essay

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Use of arguments Tony Hong 2013-02-19 1) Philosophical arguments | Popular idea of argument | -Argument is a reasoned presentation of ideas | -Examples are used a lot to counter argue.“Argument by example” – an argument in which a claim is supported by providing examples | -Not directed towards people. | -Normally arguments that have been heard from a group of individuals who share the same thought. One assumes a certain thought or idea is right because of reassurance of fellow peers (pressure). | - Helps you intellectually “see” where the truth lies. | -Simple arguments which are strong. Does not require a lot of thinking, | These characteristics are influenced by the topic of the argument, which side you are arguing for, and the opposing side’s education background knowledge. For example, in the article the author was arguing to his mother why mustaches are great. To prove his point, he started naming great philosophers and well great people in general from the past starting from Ancient Greece to Civil War. Then he mentioned his father having a mustache and his mother said “You see what I’m saying?”. It seemed like the mother didn’t know who these people her son listed so he was at a loss already. Also, she didn’t seem to care because she had someone in her life already with a mustache and he looked ridiculous, judging by the tone of the mother. The author tried to use his father as an example to win but his mother just counter argued him just by saying “You see what I’m saying?’” and the author didn’t know what to say. He knew that he had lost. 2) Popular idea of argument provides greater social value because not every person in the world thinks philosophically or complicatedly. There are a handful of those people. More people will understand and be able to contribute their own thoughts compared to philosophical arguments. In a large society, it is better to do what majority of the people can do to have fairness throughout. For example, if two parties were arguing and one argues philosophically, the other party who didn’t have any philosophical arguments or rebuttals would be troubled because the point of philosophy is to keep the targeted audience thinking. If the other