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13 May 2013
Minority Report

Steven Spielberg’s film Minority Report is an action filled journey with many mystery’s and twists along the way . Many secrets are revealed and many mischievous acts unfold in this film. The starring role is a very courageous, motivated, and kind hearted character , named John Anderton. However there are other characters in this film that aren’t so kind hearted, but they sure are motived but their motives are used for evil not good. An that character is none other than Lamar Burgess. Although these character pan out to be very different there is no Character more unique than the character, Agatha . Agatha is what they call in the film a precog ,and a precog predicts the fate precrime in the year 2054. Also another key character in this motion picture is Danny Witwer, now Danny starts looking a similar to the villain in this film. However Danny reveals the true enemy , which is Lamar Burgess ,but for his phenomenal find . Danny’s life is taken by Lamar , because doesn’t want his peers to find out what a true monster he really is.
The beginning of this motion picture starts with Agatha visioning a precrime in the making , a precrime caused by a man named Donald Dubin , Donald’s crime is targeted towards his unfaithful wife Sarah Marks. However, John Anderton being the amazing policeman he is , steps in an saves the day two seconds before the precrime is committed and Donald is placed under arrest. Now even though John seems like he’s the perfect American citizen, he is not. John has his own set of flaws , John Anderton is addicted to drugs, but he has his reasons. John has lost his son, Shawn Anderton an not only that he has lost he wife as well. An not to mention John life is about to take a terrible turned. Danny Witwer has figured out that John is taking drugs, An furthermore he is accused of committing a precrime, but John thinks he has been set up by Danny Witwer Because Danny wants John job . So John runs , he runs from the former police he has worked with for years .However the police officers under estimate John Anderton, while they are chasing him , see they think that John will go down without a fight ,but they are sadly mistaken. John fights, he fights hard enough to escape the policemen.
When he finally does succeed at escaping police officers. He travels to the woman behind all of this , the woman who created Precrime, formally know as Dr, Iris Hineman. John reaches Dr. Hineman’s and trespasses into her garden, but he is bitten along the way by a rare plant called dollseye. The plant is so rare and harmful however, that John has to drink a certain kind of tea to cure the bite . Before the poison gets into he blood stream and he starts seeing the strangest forms of blue objects. After John over comes the dollseye bite he asks Dr, Hineman many detailed and informative questions about precrime and how people can prevent precrime prediction it from happening. She responds by telling John that the precogs are never wrong, but sometimes one out of the three precogs might see a precrime differently, they might see a different outcome for a person’s future. An this different outcome is better known as the minority report, but the minority reports are deposed of as soon as they are created , because Lamar Burgess and Dr.Hineman felt as if the minority report was a “insignificant variable” to the system. Therefore in John mind that means that there might be a chance that all those people John put away in prison. Maybe just maybe could or would have had an alternate future. After John figures out the fate of all those people could have been wrong he figures that he shares, the same fate that they did. With that being said John asks Dr.Hineman his final questions. John asks “why should I trust you”. Dr. Hineman replies with “don’t trust anyone just find the minority report”. However John is confused he thought that the minority report is…