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Daniela: I think you’ve all seen the agenda I sent round yesterday. Did you all receive the copy of the documents?
We are here today to decide the location of Sweet Mexico and also to discuss some further points about the product.
There are 7 points in the agenda.
Are there any other points you want to add?
Since there are no objections, then I’d like to consider we’ll start by the advantages of doing business in NJ, due to the absence of Walther, who took the audio research results; we will take up those points later, so let’s move on. Finally we should make the decision of the location to then keep checking the other items.
I think that is clear. Let’s move on to the Andrea research about NJ:
Andrea: NJ is a location with a large business activity, it also represents the transportation corridor and extensive network mid-pathway between NY and Philadelphia. There is a particular business environment which make people want to invest, because is easier than other cities owing to the low taxes. Shipping is a strong industry and is easier to export due to its seaside location.
Daniela: What do you think about New York?
Juan Pablo Vazquez:
What Andrea just said is really interesting. Nonetheless NY has many recreation places where we can have selling outlets.
It has cultural mix, tourists go more to NY, and there are many museums and attractive places.
Daniela: and how do you think those characteristics would represent an advantage for us?
Juan Pablo Vazquez:
People are more open minded due to the cultural mix and would absolutely like exotic flavors.

Daniela: Estefania from your research what would be your conclusion about location?
Estefania: In my view NJ is best. Shipping is a strong industry in New Jersey because of the state's strategic location, and people from NY go there on weekends so we will count with a good place for transport, an open minded market, and low costs.
Daniela: Let’s try to bring this together. Is everyone agree with NJ as the new location for Sweet Mexico?
Andrea, Estefania, Juan Pablo: Yes, we are agree.
Daniela: Now, let’s move to the details of how we are going to run the business.
Andrea: Talking about the product, the name definitely is suitable to the local market because is easy to pronounce.
The product is perfect because the surveys showed that the customers like sweet and exotic flavors. Sweet Mexico is focused for middle and upper class.
Mexico is famous for its typical food and our good image can definitely create interest.
Estefania: About the price we should consider, my research showed 3.50 dollars for the cup and 2 dollars for the Popsicle would be reasonable to start.
We are considering the prices of Hageen Dazz and Frozen Yogurt which could be our main competitors and which prices are between 4 and 4.50 dollars.
Considering the Place, we should take into account an available location and strategic malls, supermarkets and departments stores where the clients can have access to product easily.
The Promotion we should use should be focused in short T.V commercials, Posters along the seaside, and a strong spread through social networks and our own internet website.
Daniela: There is no time left so we will continue tomorrow to finish the last to items about materials and distribution and we will catch up Walter with the conclusion about the…