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Chapter 5

1. For each of the 9 parts, Type up 1 paragraph on each article, including:
(1)Data, data everywhere
-The world contains a vast amount of digital information that can make it possible to do many things, the data should be managed well that can be used to new sources of economic value, provide fresh insights into science and hold governments to account.
-The interesting part of this article that I found out is the business of information management is helping organizations to make sense of their data, such as IBM, Microsoft.
(2)All too much
-The article is talking about how large the data consume in the world, it gives us some examples to demonstrate how data generate and consume.
-I think the most interesting part in this article is the data inflation chart, it gives us the name of the data which increase by degrees, the range and definitions of these data.
(3)A different game:
-This article gives some examples to illustrate that how those famous companies use information system to deal with the problem, and companies should start managing their data.
-I found out that the new web-services platform has speeded up the process of the companies’ services, so the technologies change the fate of companies.
(4)Clicking for gold
-The biggest websites have long recognised that information itself is their biggest treasure. And it can immediately be put to use in a way that traditional firms cannot match.
-I found that how Google make the improvements to use the data is very interesting.
(5)The open society
-America is in the lead on data access, not only America but also other parts of the world begin to move to greater openness.
-I found that the economic crisis has actually speeded up the change in what people expect from government, providing more information can make government more efficient.
(6)Show me
-There have been big advances in displaying massive amounts of data to make them easily accessible, it is emerging as a vibrant and creative field melding the skills of computer science, statistics, artistic design and storytelling.
-I get to know the purpose of data visualisation is to reduce the raw data that can be presented visually, sometimes in unexpected ways.

(7)Needle in a haystack
-Information provided by the internet has to be organized for the reason of useful, and the digital metadata can make things easier.
-The example in the article of Google impressed me, it talks about how Google make use of the metadata.

(8)New rules for big data
-There are new principles for an age of big data sets to cover six broad areas: privacy, security, retention, processing, ownership and the integrity of information.
-I totally agree with the article talking about that privacy is one of the biggest worries, regulators should come up with some effective ideas to deal with it.

(9)Handling the cornucopia
-The cornucopia of data now available is a resource, similar to other resources in the world and even to technology itself, resources and technologies are neither good nor bad; it depends on how they are used.
-I never think about the danger of information before until I read this article, it talks about some of the risks that people need to concern about it.

2. Re-view the following video (about 27 minutes) about the building of a data warehouse (and star schema). We went over this in class.
(a) Type up any comments you have (1-2 sentences max)
-The video really helps me to understand what it SQL server and how the SQL Server fit