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14 November 2012
Title (This should not just be the title of the short story) The heading of the paper goes in the top, left-hand corner of the first page only. At the top of each page, you must write your last name, followed by the page number. You can do this by double-clicking on the paper’s heading (the very top portion of the page). Then, go to “Insert” at the top of your screen and click on “Page Number.” Be sure to choose the page number option that puts the number at the top, right hand corner of your paper. Do not forget to write in your last name! The essay must be written in 12-pt., Times New Roman font. Your essay must be double-spaced. Double-space everything, including blocked quotations. Use 1-inch margins all around. Indent all paragraphs by one ½” tab. DO NOT put an extra space between paragraphs. When you have a quotation that is longer than 4 lines, you must format it properly: Indent the quotation by 1-inch from the left-hand margin. This quotation will not go in quotation marks, but will stand separate from the text. Be sure to include the proper citation for this quotation. This citation should include just the page number of the quotation when you are working with only one text (24).
You will then continue your paragraph on the next line. When including a quotation within a paragraph, “Be sure to use quotation marks and proper punctuation. Remember, provide the proper citation