How To Write An Exploratory Essay

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Argument Assignment | English 1301 | Professor Harris

Now that you have read Chapter 3, write about the topic you selected from the research guide. Do some research and reading, then write an exploratory essay. An exploratory essay is a type of argumentative paper that explores the multiple perspectives surrounding an issue. Work summarized ideas and quotes from your research into your draft. You need to objectively report on at least three different positions that form possible answers to your issue question. These might be for, against, and somewhere in the middle; however, you might also choose three positions that fall in between the polar opposites or “goalpost positions.” Be sure to provide support for the validity of each position. Your explanation of the three perspectives should be as close to “objective reporting” as possible.
In the introduction, include background information to familiarize your audience with your issue and stress its importance. In the conclusion, state your expected position and explain the reasons for your choice. This is where you clearly state your opinion on the issue question.
Use at least three sources (one for each position) and include a correctly formatted Works Cited page. Make sure you write about three different positions/opinions, not three examples of one position. It is important that you understand the distinction; otherwise, you will not pass the assignment.
Elements of the paper:
Provides background for