Mobile Commerce Case Study

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Article Title: Mobile Commerce: What It Is and What It Could Be.
Authors: Stafford, Thomas F. & Gillenson, Mark L.
Initially the wireless protocol was designed to facilitate mobile commerce transactions (WAP) but that has not fulfilled its technological requirement. Now the mobile commerce has emerged in many of the mobile markets and has facilitated with enhanced information network access. The main ideal difference between modalities of e-commerce and m-commerce is e-commerce can be mobile but whereas m-commerce is not always transactional. Mobile with enabled internet access can be transactional and user can access information about any product from anywhere. This again varies a typical e-commerce practice in Japan, where their developed
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Technology growth becomes challenging when users find it difficult to adopt. Thus, any m-commerce application should be designed in such a way that it enhances the interactivity of the interface which makes users to adopt m-commerce easily. The mobile settings should have three main aspects namely spatiality, temporality and contextuality. Spatiality mainly focuses on the mobility of both devices and users which could enable consumers to roam anywhere when carrying their mobile devise. Temporality helps mobile users to access the internet instantly even when are engaged in any other peripheral activity. Contextuality is mainly concerned when users perform their mobile activities when interacting with others. A context-aware application extract information from consumers mobile settings for providing information related to task relevant …show more content…
M-commerce gives a good opportunity platform for business organizations to connect with consumers. While designing any m-commerce applications developers are largely neglecting regarding the usability and user interface experience. User interface is nothing but an online environment where uses can surf for information, communicate with others and perform necessary transactions. Any e-commerce or m-commerce sites are considered as successful when they meet consumers functional needs and achieve satisfactory user experience. Website usability should be paid highest attention in both academic literature and trade press. Usability of a website can be prominent by maintaining a consistent look and layout for all web pages. In wireless contexts ease of use is significantly considered more