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Cellphones, could you ever imagine yourself without one? Through the years it has helped us in many ways. But cellphones weren’t always the way they are now. With cellphones and the success they have had where would they be twenty years from now?
In 1973, the first cellphone was developed by Martin Cooper. Ten years later Motorola released Dynatac 8000x. Over the years to come Nokia and Motorola ruled the cellphone industry. But today all that has changed with the development of smartphones. Since the release of the smartphone it has helped but also changed our lives with its technology. With the smartphone having so many helpful features such as, GPS, camera, and emailing just to name a few of the wide range capabilities of the smartphone.
I would find it very hard to say where cellphones would go; being that the smartphone is capable of doing a lot. In my eyes I think twenty years from now phones as we know it won’t exist. I think there would be a group of scientist who come up with a small cellular chip device. The chip would be inserted in the brain. This device would be fully capable of doing whatever a smartphone would do, but it would work with the brain in order to be used.
If this was to ever happen the negative effect could be brain damage. But if successful it could really hurt the cellphone industry. The prices of their product could be reduced dramatically. The brain smartphone chip would force other competitors to come up with a better