Modern Technology Essay

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Marvelous progress has been made in science and technology in the last century. Some people think that modern technology is crucial to humans’ development and brings great convenience while some individuals believe that life will be more enjoyable without complex technology. However, if I am concerned, I view that the positive aspects of technology improvements overweight the negative ones. The reasons are presented below.

Technology has facilitated our life dramatically in several aspects. Firstly, it has led to the transformation of interpersonal relationship. It would take long time to send letters to your friends in the past, but now, all you need is a click and the counterpart will receive the e-mail in a second. To take transportation as another example, flight is changing the traditional ways of travelling, and the generalization of airplane has led to the global tourism the trading. Secondly, new technology improves quality and increase efficiency. Management can monitor employees’ work performance through computer and students can study themselves online to save time and resources. In addition, technology makes the disabled people’s life convenient and helps them perform duties. Technology helps millions of people do their jobs more effectively every day. It is being put to use everywhere.

Admittedly, some negative effects have been raised by technology. To begin with, the development of internet technology has bought us some baneful effects. Chatting on the