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Module 1
South American adventures unlimited
Principles of Management
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Professor Frederick L. Fisher,

First, project management applies to the aspect of developing a project scope and defining a project. The Rodríguezes’ must figure out what their objective is whether it’s to increase customer satisfaction or upgrade the quality of their service as far as more exquisite trips, better travel service or higher quality hotel accommodations. They also must figure out the project priorities and limitations for such things as travel cost regarding what trips are planned to be arranged .That should help balance out spending cost and possible profit to ensure that it is maximized. I also feel the entire administrative staff needs to sharpen up their business knowledge and facilitate a work breakdown structure. A work breakdown structure gives an outline of how to manage plan and budget. The trip planning staff should look to invest more time into finding the most affordable, highest quality for the trips that are scheduled. And they should also compare different prices of expenses for things such travel and food or whatever is necessary for the event that’s being planned. Lastly the responsibility matrix is a term that should be looked into since it deals with task to be accomplished and who responsible for them. Another topic that should be looked into is a project communication plan. Since this aspect deals with things like changes in the project scope, accepted and requested changes and project status reports that should definitely be addressed to help develop a firmer structure


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