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Jennifer Phillips
Dr. Mendez

Motivation and Higher Education When beginning a new path in higher education, it is crucial to understand your motivation for doing so, how that helps you succeed, what can assist you to stay motivated, and any difficulties you might have doing so. I chose to pursue a degree in higher education to make my life more meaningful and to provide a better life for my family and others. By gaining a degree in Secondary Education through GCU, I will finally enjoy going to work every day knowing that I am helping children learn and grow. It is incredibly motivating to know that I can do something so constructive and beneficial while having a greater sense of accomplishment within myself. If I stay motivated and accomplish my goals, I will be able to succeed. The definition of success is achieving something that you desire. What I desire most is to become a math teacher, and GCU makes this possible. Through encouragement from teachers, counselors, and classmates, GCU provides all the tools that I need to succeed. If I ever feel like I can’t succeed, I just have to remember that I am doing this to help others, and that will help me to stay motivated. The tools that GCU provides are incredibly helpful, so if I ever feel discouraged there are many tutorials and tools provided through GCU that I can rely on. The Class Wall is especially useful because it is an informal place that you can communicate with other