Mohicans Film Review

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Lauren Maurer
US History I
Professor Swanson
2 March 2015 The Last of the Mohicans Film Review
I personally like and enjoyed this movie. It made me have a better understanding of what really happened during the French and Indian war. I also enjoyed the love story between Hawkeye and
Cora. I am happy that neither of them were killed. This movie had me on edge the whole time because Hawkeye could have been killed at any given moment. This movie was a little too violent and graphic at times but it was interesting to see the weapons and situations. This movie made me realize how tough it had to be to live in those days. They had to rely on horses to get around and there were no houses. They did not have the technology that we have now to spot enemies or to hide from them. No form of communication so no one knows if you are dead or alive. Hawkeye is extremely brave and obviously the hero in the movie. He does his best to protect Cora and Alice, saving them from a few near death experiences. I did not care much for
Duncan until his courageous and selfless act of sacrificing himself. Magua and his men burn him alive while Hawkeye shoots him from a distance to end his suffering. This was one of the most memorable parts of the movie for me. Another memorable moment is when Alice jumps to her death after her boyfriend was killed by Magua to avoid going with him. I did not think Alice had the guts to do such an act. It was