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Athalia Santoso
Money Log #1
Heather Severson
Thursday, April 4, 2015
Mistakes that I have made with money
I was only in junior high school at that time. I was doing some random searches on the internet when some adds popped out. One of them said “Congratulation you’re selected to buy “the thing” with 95% off”; it made me so happy since I really wanted “the thing” at that time. I made my purchase, it did worked and said that I would receive my thing on the following week, but unfortunately it never happens. The thing that I ordered never came to my house. I called the server, and they said they have already sent it. When I asked for a refund since I never receive the thing, they rejected and said that the it was all my fault. I felt so upset at that time, and one thing that made me even more upset was when I checked my bank account, they charged me for the normal price. I promised myself to never trust something which seems unsure. Ever.
The other bad experience that I’ve ever had is when I got my own bank account and my dad will transfer money to it in the beginning of every months. At that time, I did not really care about money and I thought that I could spent as much money as I wanted. I started going out with friends and do some shopping. I bought bunch of things in one single day. It was a wonderful day until my mom found out that I’ve spent lots money in one day. She seems perfectly fine at first, but then she turned into a monster, okay not that I thought she was a monster, but you know, she was really upset. She got mad and took all of the money in my bank account.
As I grew older, I then noticed that it is hard to make money. Money will not suddenly appears in our hand without our efforts to get them. We have to WORK, and that made me give a new thoughts on how I face my money.
From that experience, I’ve learned lot of things. One of them is that I have to be responsible with my money and be careful of things which are going around us in these days. Not everyone in this world is as good as we think, especially when it deals with our money. Moreover, I tried to be more responsible with my money. I tried to do money list in a week every Sunday. What I need to do is I have to list all of my outcome and income in one week, and make a list of them. Therefore, it is a good thing for me to learn how to save money and not spending them unwisely. I become to know of how much money that I’ve spent in one week and see how some of them are not necessarily important to spent. I tried to divide things into separate sections – things that I really need or things that I want but it is not that important, so I can manage how I spend my money better than before.

Money Log #2
Friday, April 5, 2015

Person in Life Whom I Adore According to Money
From the beginning, I always admire my mom and dad if it is according to money. My dad is such a responsible person if it comes to money. He is a very hardworking guy, and always tries his best to make a living for his family. He always shares his money with us and always said “my money is our money, but remember, you have to spend them wisely”. He always saves his money and just spends the money for our primary needs. It is because he had been through a tough life when he was young. His family was poor back then. His dad passed away when he was just a kid, so his mom had to make living for her six children. My dad is the second child of his family, and really wanted to make his family become more wealthy than before. He studied really hard every day and night until he got a scholarship to study abroad. It was his first hope to become a successful man. As people said, success doesn’t come immediately just like turning our palm hand. So did my dad’s life. He had gone through every problems and difficulties of his life until he became as he is now. Because of his experience, he taught us to be more responsible in using money and not spending it to something un useful.
As for my mom, she