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In the article “If I Cant Accept You at Your Worst, Then Maybe You Should Stop Being So Horrible,” Matt Walsh argues that society fights to be accepted for their flaws, instead of fighting to be better. Walsh recollects on his first “pity-trophy” and how he did nothing to truly deserve it. The idea that everyone should be rewarded for simply showing up is the cause of undesirable results. One by making an already self-aware kid even more insecure by patronizing him. The second perhaps the most undesirable effect it creates is narcissistic and arrogant person. These people believe that they are destined for greatness without the lift of a finger. Walsh states that these people have a direct influence on the high divorce rate. He also believes that people no longer know how to obtain a relationship; this is a direct effect from an early age delusion. The idea that failure isn’t possible and discipline is nonexistent is instilled in the youth. This is very apparent in peoples approach to relationships. Often times the quote “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best,” is utilized as a philosophy for relationships. Walsh believes that this philosophy only states how bad we are in relationships. While we do need to love our significant others and be aware of their flaws we all obtain flaws. You shouldn’t treat the ones you love with your worst and say your best will make up for it. Often times people fight to be accepted. However in relationships we