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Hiring and Motivation

PSY 302

Hiring and Motivation
Working as self employee contractor all my life did not allow me to have to deal with industrial organization psychology. I now work for The Super Wal-Mart Corporation which this organization is a retail store along with a grocery store. The formal job description for the toy's associate position which I hold qualifications are for the associate to have a basic knowledge of mathematics with the ability to determine the number of individual things in a group or a unit, must have basic writing and reading skills. Job responsibilities include the ability to provide remarkable customer service, must be able to work under pressure, promptly answer the customers calls, needs to be able to operate a cash register. Any sales associate must know how to follow proper procedure for handling claims, they also need to be knowledgeable about all the different sections of the store and products associated within each department. For example associates in apparel need to be knowledgeable about fitting room procedures, sizing, colors, and rack rules, this includes that they ensure that merchandise is properly labeled and priced. All associates need to know how to replenish stock from the warehouse, how to clean all spills quickly this includes keeping the floor clear of all unsafe objects. Mainly to follow all safety and emergency rules and regulations, this mostly important especially when ensuring that all displays are secured properly.
When Wal-Mart interviews potential new employees they use both innovative and traditional ways of interviewing. When being hired by Wal-Mart expect for the process to take at least three days, this includes filling out paper work, doing the final interview, and orientation for every new employee. The traditional hiring process that Wal-Mart uses group and one on one interviews. The Wal-Mart Assistant Manager and or a Wal-Mart merchandise supervisor are the ones that usually handle the one on one interviews, while the orientation or human resource manager handles the group interviews. These interviews consist of discussing job duties, type of work environment, proper work procedures, and benefits which may apply.
The innovative interviews which may seem unconventional that Wal-Mart uses is called the "Board Game" job interview. This type of interview is played in groups of future employees, this board game is a funnier alternative to the traditional interview methods. With this type of interview the interviewees move up the board by picking playing cards, these cards consist of questions about the company, or questions about a subject to do with the company, and even about asking other members playing the game questions or to describe what to do in a certain scenario. Other parts of the board game include assessment test like evaluating capabilities of customer service, reading, and math comprehension skills. Both of these types of interviews for Wal-Mart cover professional and personal information that I submitted as an applicant when I was applying for the position in the toy department. As with any other company expect that your interviewer will ask questions about your previous employers, job skills, availability, and personal interest to do with the company. But the main concern and question the mangers at Wal-Mart want to know is if you can handle or endure the demands of the position they are offering. They will give you certain situations and depending how you answer, if they feel you are qualified enough you will be contacted for the rest of the Wal-Mart hiring process. This includes a drug test, then orientation before you are allowed to work on the floor.
Job Description
I currently work for Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas. This is the job description that they use to begin with their main Headquarters is Bentonville, AR. Their main Industry is General Merchandising and Discount store. Employees are…