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“The term motivation is used in management theory to describe forces within individuals that account for the level, direction, and persistence of effort they expend at work. Simply put, a highly motivated person works hard at a job; an unmotivated person does not.” (Lombardi. 2007) There are many ways to motivated employees but to focus on just three is easy. First, let’s start with Treat your employees with respect. Second, give them opportunities to excel. And third, treat them as individuals.

Treat them with respect:
Get to know what your employees like or dislike. Get to know them on a personal level, this will make easy to know their interests. One might be motivated with personal challenges; other might like a friendly competition, or even some kind of incentive. When there is an upcoming changes get their opinions on how to implement the rule or tackle the task. For example, if the name of the hospital changed from medical center to medical group, involve your employees on asking how to make all patients aware of the change. One way could be when a patient calls make them aware or send out letters informing patients of the change. If one of the employees does a good job on a task, a manager should acknowledge the effort the employee made in doing a good job. Acknowledging the fact that an employee did a good job motivates them to do their best at all times. Never ever call an employee out of their name or speak down to them. This can cause stress and their performances can lack because of it. An employee is not a child and thus should not be spoken to as one. Calling them out of their name can cause anger and the employee could quit causing stress on the other employees because of the work overload. Always treat an employee with respect and this will encourage them to perform at their very best.

Provide learning opportunities:
Provide your employee with a training that will enhance their job skills and can one day promote them to a higher opportunity. For example, my goal by the end of the year is to work at a hospital because I know that they will further my education. Right now I am working on my bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and Management but if I start working in a hospital they will pay for my master’s degree which will increase my pay by a lot of money, and one day my dreams of becoming a hospital head administrator will come true. Building future leaders is very rewarding; as a manager building leaders can promote you to head trainer and you can train every future leader. When developing employees this will cause a company to grow and reduce stagnation. Other department would want to promote within the company instead of hiring a new person which will have to be trained from the beginning to know all the company’s work ethics. When hiring form within the company saves and the employee already knows what to do and not do. Providing your employees with the proper training means that they will become self-sufficient and solve their own problem without having to seek a manager at all times; making your job as a manager easier. Training will motivate the employee to perform at their highest level, setting goals, giving proper feedback and you as a manager can monitor the results. As a manager you should know what techniques should be implemented to maximize the employees’ potential. Not every training will work the same for every employee but it will help to understand the task and handle the job a bit easier.

Treat your employees as individuals:
No one is the same so everyone needs to be treated differently. Some employees are laid back and relax while others might be a bit more uptight; one could like to work alone and another will like to work with others. Motivation is different for everyone; for some money might be a motivation and not for others. Incentives will work for one but recognition will work for another. It is best to find out what motivates