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Relationships In Your Life

Relationships are important and they will create your life. Throughout your life you will have many different relationships good ones and bad ones. Relationships can be major or they can be minor. The relationships you have could be a few moments or they could be a lifetime. One thing is you will learn from the ones you have in your life. A relationship is a time in your life that you share with someone else or even yourself. Another thing about relationships you will always learn something from each one. Some people think of relationship as a man and a woman who like each other. Although this is in fact a relationship that is not the only relationship you have. Relationships can be friends, family, yourself, or a random person you meet for a moment. Each of these relationships can have different meaning and different impact. For example you may have a personal relationship with a friend who you can trust and talk to and/ they will listen and be there for you. This would be considered a good relationship. You could also have a relationship with the cop who pulled you over and gives you a ticket. Some would consider this a bad relationship. I would say people would rather just have the good ones. When you have a good relationship such as a best friend these could be relationship that last a life time. You want these relationships because they make you feel good and make for a healthy life. Friends can be there to help you through hard times they can also help teach you new things.