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Inside concert report
Show Choir

On Friday, April 20 I went to the annual Spring Show Choir concert and I absolutely loved it. It was well put together and I was never bored. It really makes me want to be in show choir in my junior year! There were many numbers during the two-hour show. There were about 10 group numbers and I lost count of all the solos, duets and quartets. All the males wore tuxedos and the females wore sparkling red dresses. I loved how professional they looked. I am so proud to attend Laguardia as a vocal major. So songs that they performed were on the musical theater side, but others were songs that you might hear on the radio. It was entertaining throughout the whole show and it was very much like a concert. My favorite song that they sang was “I Was Here” originally sung by Beyonce. Four senior girls performed it and I was completely and utterly blown away. I love that song and I think they performed it perfectly. Another one of my favorite was “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Both soloists had fantastic voices and gave the song mercy. It reminded me a lot of a Glee club and I really liked that. Seeing the concert made me a little sad because even though I am only a freshman, I’ll be a senior before I know it. I’ve come to love this school more than I could have ever imagined. Never before have I actually seen myself becoming a singer or an actress. I know now that I can really accomplish my dreams because of the experience Laguardia.