Multiple Myeloma Essay

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Multiple Myeloma
Multiple myeloma is one of the most common cancers related to the blood. This kind of cancer effects start in the bone marrow. Multiple myeloma produces a lot of bad plasma cells. The plasma cells are needed for regular anti-bodies but having bad plasma cells won’t be useful. The bones become very weak and fragile.
Multiple myeloma is a blood type cancer. It spreads from the bone marrow in the bones. The bones will have many lesions. Therefore it may be very fragile. A lot of plasma blasts would be present in the blood and bone marrow. Multiple myeloma affects more men than woman. Results show that about 40,000 people (more men than women) are affected with multiple myeloma in the US. Most people who have multiple myeloma are at age range of 65-72, but it is still possible to get it sooner. It is also said that this cancer has caused many deaths in the African population making multiple myeloma one of the leading cancers to Africans. Asians do not get multiple myeloma as often, it is very rare for some to get it. There are stages of having multiple myeloma, each stage has it survival rate going from 3 years to 5 years. Sadly about 20% can die through about 5 months from having multiple myeloma.
Multiple myeloma affects the bone marrow, bones and the blood throughout out the body. The infected part of the bone will accumulate with the malignant cancer cells. Those cells will spread through the body. It can be possible to have myeloma in any bones in the body like skulls, ribs, and more bones. The abnormal plasma cells that are produced by multiple myeloma can take over the bloods regular anti-bodies, which are needed to stay healthy. Multiple myeloma can also make the bones delicate and soft, it can also be destroyed easily. Patients with multiple myeloma can have a healthy bone marrow transplant to see if they can remove the multiple myeloma from the previous bone marrow.
Myeloma keeps on producing cells making a little tumor in the bone marrow. The bone marrow will continue to produce a great amount of plasma cells. Anti- bodies are needed for the immune system, but producing to many from the plasma cells can be bad for both the bones and the immune system. When DNA is damaged during the process in which the stem cells turns to a B cell(white cell) in the bone, that's when multiple myeloma starts. The researchers still don't know what causes multiple myeloma yet. They think they have found some possible ways multiple myeloma can begin: with radiation exposure and working out with herbicides and pesticides. Some symptoms of having multiple myeloma can be fatigue, having pain in some bones, and bleeding. When someone is diagnosed with the cancer they may have results that show they have anemia, high calcium levels, and odd red blood cells. It can be in blood test or urine test.
Multiple myeloma can be inheritable and can be related to DNA and it can be inheritable. There a few results that some ethnics groups can get…