Music Integration in the Classroom Essay

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Assignment #3 Section 1: When I was nine years old I remember my mother signing my sister and me up for a national music camp. In order to be accepted at this camp we had to record ourselves singing and turn them in as our audition. After being accepted my mother and father drove my sister and I to Jackson, Mississippi to stay at this five day camp. While at this camp we worked tirelessly on a musical that was to be presented to our parents at the end of the week. The musical was written and directed by the lady who founded the camp. The name of the musical was “Mr. Adam’s Orchard.” Luckily, my sister and I were chosen for lead parts in the musical and each given a solo to perform. I don’t remember the storyline, but I do remember some of the exercises they had us do. To warm up we practiced our scales. Our teacher always mixed up the sounds we made during our warm ups to keep us interested. They did not professionally record it so the only recordings of it were home videos made by the parents and grandparents. The thing I liked the most was how they showed appreciation for all of the kids that were involved not just the ones who had special parts in the musical. The coaches had time where they worked specifically with the soloist but it never outweighed the time that was spent with the majority. Being involved in this production was definitely a highlight of my childhood. Section 2: After thinking over the ways that our coaches taught us to do our scales and the fun things they integrated in to keep us motivated and on task. I think integrating musical scales into a classroom to help kids learn their vowel sounds, their alphabet, or even to teach them syllables would be a fun and creative way to get them involved. I could definitely see myself using this in a kindergarten