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Riley Jones
Brother Papworth
February 6, 2014
Musical Escape A new revolution has just begun. A musical revolution. It has begun to take over the world at an unstoppable pace. All people, young and old, have started gravitating towards music more than before. Music is not just sounds, beats, words or rhythms: but a means of communication and expression to showcase, influence and promote feelings and attitudes, toward any particular interest or situation. Combining sounds, beat, words and rhythm can be powerful! With the infinite ways to participate in this revolution and almost unlimited in this increasingly technologic time, why do we like the music that we like?
Many music fanatics find themselves looking for their own unique type of music; to have their own genre to stand apart and distinct, increasing the variety and widening the spectrum of this revolution. For example, the ‘Indie’ groups of musical fans are most known for their characteristic of originality in music, in the sense that they stand alone with their musical interests that most people have never even heard of. They enjoy the music they listen to, but mostly they crave the feeling of being unique. Why? Some suggest that they gain satisfaction as they have more of a library of music than other people and others believe it is to start new trends with small town bands.
Originality is valued as important in our society. Looking at the behavior of young adults today demonstrates that they want to have a different lifestyle than the majority of their peers, they want the taste of rebellion and originality so that they won’t just fit in and become lost within the general populace. Examples of this originality within the LDS community come to mind when thinking of members of the Church in Southern California, the teenagers of the Church in Southern California strive to stand apart from their peers outside of the Church, not only as to standards but also in music. Many people look for ways to differentiate themselves from the majority and music provides any one of those people with that ability.
Today, when an artist releases a new song, millions of people download it that day from ITunes, stream it from Pandora or Spotify and the music spreads like wildfire. Artists like Imagine Dragons, Beyoncé, One Republic and so many more have become household names that even parents of teens are familiar with, all thanks to the easy access that today’s technology provides. Some of these artists have become popular because they exhibit real talent. For example, Beyoncé is one of the most gifted performers to arise in this generation because of her abilities. However, how have most current artists emerged into the spotlight? Many artists get most of their publicity and notoriety…