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American University Essay – 1 of 2 Draft # 3
American University provides its students the freedom to pursue majors and minors within and across the different schools and colleges of the University. In no more than two paragraphs, discuss your academic goals and how American University would help you achieve them. (250 word limit - no minimum)
Musical theater is everything to me. It helps me escape from the woes of reality. I can express myself through characters, and find a second family to share similar interests. It provides valuable life lessons, such as when John Astin, an actor who originated the role of Gomez Addams on the TV show The Addams Family, told me that it is essential to always find a way to give back to the community. Astin himself demonstrated this by moving back to his hometown in Baltimore to teach aspiring actors at Johns Hopkins University. I want to give back to the campus community by providing community members a chance to escape from their realities and enjoy with me the captivating nature of theater. With American University’s distinguished faculty having hands-on experience in the professional world, and its vast performance opportunities to perform at any of the 80 working theaters within the city, I can accomplish my goal.
However, I also realize the critical importance of maintaining a strong academic course load while studying theater. This is what draws me to American University, because of its focus on building a strong liberal arts foundation. Therefore, at present I am considering as majors with one minor: Theater, Sociology, Communications, and Journalism specializing in broadcast journalism. Furthermore, I plan to take a wide array of electives in order to expand my knowledge base and to help me pursue the academic calling that awaits me. (240)

American University Essay – 2 of 2
1) Picture your journey in the American University community from freshman year to graduation day. Describe the person you hope to become on this journey. (250 word limit – no minimum) As a freshmen, I will be open-minded and become a well-rounded student by taking a variety of courses and joining a few clubs. I